#Iamgreen in Norway

Here are some pictures to show a glimpse of my trip to Norway, Stavanger.

Example board

Please excuse my cheesiness 🙂

Before the opportunity to tour Norway, Here is what I generally knew:

Norway is a wealthy country, and very environmentally conscious. But recently back, I heard the news that they wanted to explore for oil in the North Sea. “How contradictory”, I thought. With all the rant about climate change and its effects, especially in developing countries? “So Hypocritical”.

Well, I found out, when I went for the tour and not before, that Norway is and has always been rich because of its oil exploits in the North Sea, which started way since the 1970s. Actually, what took me to Norway was to visit the Stavanger petroleum museum. Norway’s economy is the way it is because of their resource, oil. Nevertheless, they have strong environmental policies that are followed to the letter. The museum was very informative. Right from the process of oil exploration to extraction, to how the oil is utilized by the government, for the people. Oil is the country’s main source of income. IMG_5647 (2)

Good question. What do you think?

I think they are in a kind of pickle.


I like that the museum faces this head on. No hiding, no beating about in the bush. Weighing scales. Because either of them defines Norway. They love their nature, but they live by the oil. Hmm…What do you think they should do?  I loved the trip though. Made me realize, where there is a will, there is always a way…

Norway got me thinking that I’m in a David Attenborough Documentary! Selah.

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To find out more about Norway, click here, or google. Hehe.

“Never underestimate the power of research.”