Living the green life


No one wants to be told how to live their lives. Yet, we all want to live our best lives. We should therefore not see living the green life as a compromise to our lifestyles but rather, as an improvement to our lifestyles. Alright, it may not be all glamorous and may require some mindful and hands-on effort, but like all things good, it’s all worth the fuss because the results are always eternally satisfying.

man holding white pennant beside girl raising two hands in front of lake surrounded by mountains
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I say eternally because the feeling of satisfaction is almost a spiritual experience – a feeling that makes you feel like you have done your part in the world. A feeling that you could relate with the experience of being humane. Ideally, In any religion you choose to follow, the summed up way of life is to love God and love your fellow human being. Still, I believe right from the beginning, there has always been one other unspoken and an almost obvious commandment to live by – be a good steward to the environment or be at one with nature. One thing the three ways of life have in common is that they are meant to help us live the best life because, without them, it would be hopeless chaos. Who wants to live without love? Who wants to live without faith? Who wants to live in a deteriorating environment? We are part of planet earth and planet earth is part of us. Let’s love, care and protect our home.



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