Armageddon is a comin’!

internal conflicts to a resolution

What Now?

In the book The Body of God, author Sallie McFague opens by recalling a childhood memory of dying, imagining that she would not be here any longer. The thought no doubt frightened her. As an adult recalling this experience she realized that it wasn’t the thought of death that scared her, it was the thought of extinction, of no longer being in existence, a thought of annihilation. Upon reading her childhood memory I immediately connected with the author because I too often reflected upon that very thought. I had to. It was part of our religious teachings. Armageddon!


Growing up we were constantly reminded that we are in the last days and that Armageddon is no longer around the corner, it was at the corner. Armageddon this and Armageddon that. You have to live your life a certain way because Armageddon is coming and if you want to survive…

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